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Được tinh chế từ dầu gốc paraffin chưng cất hydro cùng với nhiều phụ gia như phụ gia bôi trơn, chống bám dính, chống oxi hóa,chống rỉ để tạo hiệu năng hoạt động xuất sắc cho đường trượt


Daphne Multiway MT series is a series of high performance, premium grade slideway oil. They have been specially formulated with highly-refined paraffin base oil combining with various additives such as oiliness agent, anti-oxidant and stain inhibitor to provide excellent and effective slideway performance.

Daphne Super Multiway MT series are a range of slideway oil which can be used for all machine tools (eg: CNC machining centers). They are especially recommended for use in cutting machines which use water soluble cutting oil.

1. Excellent slideway performance - prevents stick-slip by providing smooth sliding regardless of the size of the load or the sliding velocity.
2. Excellent slideway oil for water soluble cutting fluid -
i) Excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to being washed off by water soluble cutting fluid.
ii) Even when it is mixed into water soluble cutting fluid, it does not increase the rate of decomposition or bad odour of the water soluble cutting fluid.
3. Excellent in preventing emulsion destruction (separation) of water-soluble cutting fluid.
4. Excellent oxidation stability, maintaining it’s characteristics and properties over long term usage.
5. Excellent water-separation properties preventing emulsification with water-soluble cutting fluid in the coolant tank.

20L pail, 200L drum

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