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Đây là sản phẩm Hydrocacbon napthnic tinh chế theo công thức Idemitsu , thân thiện với môi trường, trong sản phẩm không bao gồm chất hóa học có hại tầng ozne


High Performance Hydrocarbon Cleaner


Daphne Cleaner SH is a highly purified naphthenic hydrocarbon cleaner. It is applied for cleaning of metal working oil such as cutting oil, press oil and quenching oil and so on.


(1)Good cleaning and AntistaticDaphne Cleaner SH isdesigned for good performance incleaning of metal working oil.Naphthenic hydrocarbon cleanerand cleaning booster can show great cleaning performance. In addition, cleaningbooster also contribute to prevent from a fire by suppressing electrostatic charge.

(2)Low smell and low toxicBecause Daphne Cleaner SH’s aromatic componentis extremely low level.

(3)Good evaporationBecause Daphne Cleaner SH has a narrow boiling range by conducted a precision distillation.

(4)Easy to disposeIt can be incineratedbecause of hydrocarbon. In addition,if removing the pollutant, it can be recycled as fuel.




In case of contacting with your hands, please wash your hands with soap and then use protective cream.4. Package200 L


Drum 200L / Pail 200L

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Email: idemitsu@trienphat.com.vn & Hotline: 0935975957

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