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Daphne Super Coat NR là dầu chống rỉ sắt không chứa chất hóa học Barium ( Ba ) , được sản xuất từ dầu gốc khoáng cùng với nhiều phụ gia chống rỉ sắt để mang lại hiệu quả chống rỉ sắt ưu việt cho kim loại trong lúc gia công và vận chuyện đường biển trong thời gian 3 đến 4 tháng

Daphne Super Coat NR
High Performance Anti Rust Oil

Daphne Super Coat NR is a barium-free rust preventive oil. It has been formulated with highly
refined mineral base oil with various rust-preventive additives to provide excellent rust prevention
performance for in-process and mid-term shipment.

Recommended as a general purpose rust preventive oil with wide range of uses. It is specially
recommended as in-process and mid-term shipment rust prevention for metal parts after cutting,
grinding, press working and drawing processes.

1. Low viscosity and excellent rust prevention abilities.
2. Easy removal with water-based alkaline and hydrocarbon based cleaners.
3. Very low odour – improve working environment (unlike conventional type rust preventive oils
with strong odour).
4. Superior water displacement abilities.

20L pail, 200L drum

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Email: idemitsu@trienphat.com.vn & Hotline: 0935975957

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